Friday, 19 May 2017

How to use Whatsapp as a private storage system

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We all know the importance of whatsapp in our daily lives.It has become an inevitable part of the modern generation for keeping in touch with the families and friends.Most people around the world uses it at least once daily.

So is it only a messaging app or can it be used for something more than that?

Well, a simple trick exists in the system that allows us to make it a convenient method for storing useful messages or data in it and can be accessed only by us whenever needed.

Its actually done by a little tweak in the existing system of whatsapp groups.

# At first you need to create a whatsapp group with any of your contacts
Group created

# Then remove that existing contact you just added
Removing the contact

That's all ! your private group has been created.

Now you can transfer any of the important files or messages you just need for later purpose to the newly created group as you are the only recipient of the messages.
Saving the files

The advantage is that it can be easily accessible any time and any messages from the whatsapp groups or chats can be immediately forwarded or transferred to the group without any hassle.

Only backside is,you might be unable prioritize the messages and you cannot access it with ease. because you can only access it date wise, ie the files you added the last is accessible first just like a real whatapp group messaging.

But put away the disadvantages,consider it a simple method and  try it out and it might actually be useful for you.

From my personal experience it is a very good method to store simple messages or files that does not have much priority or security needed which you might want to check once in a while etc..

So just check it out.

Cheers !

How to get an Adsense account approved fast

Hide your files and folders easily with this trick

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Essentials to be considered before applying for an adsense account

Adsense account approval might look easy for most but it never was or will be.There are certain basic factors that Google have underlined for the approval of a website or blog.So these have to be maintained in order to have an account approved and might prevent you from getting frustrated time to time getting rejected.

So as i said there are some factors google set that are to be noted before applying for an account but there are also some other factors that most people think as unimportant for the process.So let us go through those.

Webpage design
It must be well designed with minimum layouts and good color. It should be attractive enough so that visitors get a good first impression of your site and chances that they might visit again is high in those cases. It must be aesthetically pleasing so try to be more compact and neat.It should also have less loading time and should be well equipped for mobile view.

Webpage content type
Most people will not have much idea while starting a blog they just start it and think of the content afterwards.This make them confused of the type of posts they use in the blog.They most usually try random posts that are unrelated but it has been found out that the pages with similar content will have a higher chance of getting approved than a site with unrelated one. So try to be focused on a single topic for a blog such as technology,travel,food etc. rather than mixing everything in one.

Privacy policy and Sitemap
Your website must have a privacy policy and a sitemap according to the google's conditions and site without them will mostly get rejected.Your site should also have an about us and a contact us page.
The privacy policy and sitemap can be esaily generated with the help of various privacy policy and sitemap generators available all over the internet.

Use supported languages
Your site might be well written but make sure it is supported by the adsense publishers before applying.Most of the popular languages are supported for adsense but some languages might not be.Why take risks? Check out the supported languages here.

and last but not the least..

Quality content and copyrighted material
Make sure you avoid one and accept the other. It does not matter how many post you write if it does not have a good content it's of no use.So make sure it's well written,up to mark and justifies the heading.Keep it short and strong.

 And many new bloggers do this thing of copying content from other blogs and pretend nothing's gonna happen but never do this ! even a single line of copyrighted content can harm your page.So avoid those and write yourself.

So make sure keep these simple things in mind,you can definitely get the adsense account within your reach.

Cheers !


Sunday, 11 December 2016

How to get an Adsense account approved fast

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It's a part of every successful blog out there. It's a source of main income for many famous bloggers out there.

So every new blogger out there thinks - today i'm gonna make some money and apply instantly after making a website.

This is a common mistake every new people make during the start of their project. So,they are so eager to apply even before they have a decent website.This is one of those misconceptions people have about adsense -You can earn just after you made a site.

But the thing is you should not apply for an adsense acccount unless you have a healthy account with decent enough views because even if you got approved you are not gonna make any money.

The money comes only if you have good views i mean thousands of views per day or such will only earn you the money you think of.

But the main thing is do you have an approved adsense account? No. Most of them won't have an account during the start because of the many mistakes they make,google instantly rejects it.
Even i got disapproved many times.

I have explained the basic things to be considered before applying for an adsense account in my previous post.

Essential things to be considered before applying for an adsense account.

So the thing is even if you clear the so called  problems in your site it still takes time for an approval process by google or in some case you might not get approved by some means.

This is unexplained in many ways because so many of my friends having very good sites have problems of approval but i have seen very poorly designed websites with low quality content have a working adsense ads.

But the easiest way i got approved of my account is not by any websites. The way i got my account approved is by Youtube. Yes,Youtube monetization is the best way to get an adsense account approved within limited time compared to blogs or websites.

Since it is a youtube channel it does not require much content and even if you have only one video (not a copyrighted content) with decent enough views you can easily get it approved within a day or two.

I got it approved in a day which i was try for months in a blogspot account and failed countless times. So in my experience i think that this is the best way to get the account approved if you have difficulty writing up quality contents for your blogs and get approved that way.

Or if you are a good content writer you can proceed with that way but it need much effort than the one i have mentioned.

So those who are desperately trying to get an account approved should try out this method. You will get a working adsense account for sure.

Cheers !

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Top ten "Handpicked" Blogger themes

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As blogging is increasing day by day,it also increased the need for better themes which are good looking, responsive and most importantly SEO friendly.There are a lot of themes available these time both premium which cost some and also some good free templates.If you cannot afford premium templates, there are a lot efficient themes out there which can do the job nicely. So,here i present you some of the good,nice responsive themes available right now.

1. Simplest Blogger template

LIVE PREVIEW                                                     DOWNLOAD                                                                                                              

2. Lycoris Responsive Blogger template


LIVE PREVIEW                                              DOWNLOAD

3.  Minima responsive Blogger template.

LIVE PREVIEW                                                    DOWNLOAD

4. Sora Craft Responsive Blogger template.

LIVE PREVIEW                                                    DOWNLOAD

5. Hellya Responsive Blogger template.

LIVE PREVIEW                                                    DOWNLOAD

6. Sora Article Responsive.

LIVE PREVIEW                                                    DOWNLOAD

7.Practico Dark Responsive.

LIVE PREVIEW                                                    DOWNLOAD

8. Breeze Responsive.

LIVE PREVIEW                                                    DOWNLOAD

9. Dream Grid Responsive.

LIVE PREVIEW                                                    DOWNLOAD

10. Gaps Magazine Blogger Template.

LIVE PREVIEW                                                    DOWNLOAD


Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Hide your files and folders easily with this simple trick

Ever thought of hiding your important files and folders without having to spend much from your pocket or without using any applications

you could just use file/folder properties to hide them but how good are those methods ? People could easily find it out and do whatever they want with that old fashioned method.

Well,here i'm not going to give an exceptional solution to the problem but obviously better than the method i just mentioned above.By this method you can hide the files or folders with a bunch of codes and still hides the files like a pro. Just copy the codes and save it as .bat files and you are done

let's take a look.

The only requirements you need is  notepad and of course a Keyboard and some words..!

First step is open notepad.

Enter these

attrib +r +h +s "D:\any folder"                -      To hide a folder.
attrib +r +h +s "D:\any file.exe"         -           To hide a file.

After these, save the file as any name.bat . 

The file/folder has been disappeared !! .You can test the code on a sample file/folder.

Here is how the code works (for noobs)

attrib - i hope you know, it stands for attributes.
r - makes the file/ folder read only.
s - makes the it a system file.
h - used to make the file hidden.

Obviously, you can hide the files only using the code not having  -s. here attrib +r +h "D:\any folder".
this code also provides hiding facility but you can check that the file hidden by this method is detectable using enabling hidden files.

Where as in the first,the file/folder hidden cannot be found using search or by enabling "Show hidden files and folder".

So that's it. That's how you simply hide anything with a bunch of codes.

Hope you enjoyed !



Sunday, 22 September 2013

AMD vs Intel - a brief comparison

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Intel is the largest supplier of  x86 architecture microprocessors right now.!

AMD is the second largest x86 microprocessor supplier after Intel and one of the largest supplier of GPU around the world.
AMD is the only rival to Intel in the CPU market.It is an amazing company that also has a GPU unit named as ATI that is one of the leading competitor worldwide along with its powerful rival NVIDIA.

It is very difficult choosing the best b/w these two amazing processors.

Both processors served well during these days and choosing the best among these two is difficult.



AMD currently uses the Piledriver microarchitecture. Piledriver is developed by AMD as the successor to Bulldozer.

Features of Piledriver

Clock rates are higher.

IPC improved.
Power consumption and temperature is less.
Turbo Core 3.
Faster IMC.
Hardware divider fixed.
Branch prediction and prefetching improved.
Improved FPU and integer scheduling.
Support for AVX,FMA3,F16C,Bit Manipulation and Trailing Bit Manipulation.
Larger L1 Translation Lookaside Buffers and L2 efficiency improvements.

Socket AM3+                   
Socket FM2                                                
Socket FP2                                                 Successor >> Steamroller


Haswell is the codename for a processor microarchitecture developed by Intel as the successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture.

Features of Haswell

About 8% better vector processing.
6% faster single and multi-threaded performance.
8% more power drawing under load.
15 °C hotter than Ivy.
6% increase in CPU performance
About 20% performance increase over the HD4000 integrated GPU.

LGA 1150
rPGA 947
BGA-1364                                                  Successor >> Broadwell (tick),Skylake (tock)


For light multitasking, AMD performs extremely well and for heavy loads AMD lags behind as the single core performance is very low whereas,Intel is well equipped for extreme multitasking loads.It doesn't mean that AMD is not capable of multitasking.AMD on the other side,is also capable of heavy,extreme multitasking.But as compared to Intel,it lags a bit.But along with that if we look at those prices then definitely i would vote for AMD.So, as i said both are capable of performing well according to their price range.


For gaming a max. no. of 4 cores is enough but looking to the benchmarks it is proved that at almost every areas,Intel was a clear winner. If you want an mid range machine for gaming,go for an i5.That would be enough for almost every games till now.

Considering Budget

If you have a high budget then i would prefer choosing Intel because there are a lot of various Intel 
processors out there that served their best.

Intel processors are good for extreme multitasking as the single core performance is very high for Intel compared to AMD.

If we look at Price to Performance, AMD is the better option.Because they give better performance at a very low price compared to Intel processors that demand high price.

Both processors are amazing according to their prices

So,as conclusion,

High budget along with High performance                 --  Go for High end Intel.
Tight budget along with Amazing performance          --  AMD would be my choice !


Friday, 31 May 2013

How to copyright protect your blog using javascript

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Today  let's try something new using Javascript code. In web sites javascript is an unavoidable part.If turned off it may cause many security threats to your site. javascript can be interesting too . It is widely used for creating pop ups,forms etc.

But today we are using javascript for protecting your site from content copiers.

it  is very simple method for protecting your content in your blog / website.

There are various softwares and websites now which allows you to have much security from copying content or  something like that but the question is are they free ? Obviously no! they offer you security in exchange for money.But i must say there are some sites which also allows you to check some sort of content copying for free .Such sites include copyscape, myfreecopyright ...etc. In case of some of you may find this tutorial helpful.So in this tutorial, i'm goin to teach you how to protect your content of your website by just disabling the ' Right click ' using  Javascript.

this method is quite easy to use.

just  paste  the below javascript code into your website / blog.....

<script language=javascript>
<!-- -->
    var message = "Hey stop ! Don't do that.";
    function rtclickcheck(keyp){ if (navigator.appName == "Netscape" && keyp.which == 3){     alert(message); return false; }
    if (navigator.appVersion.indexOf("MSIE") != -1 && event.button == 2) {     alert(message);     return false; } }
    document.onmousedown = rtclickcheck;

of course you need to change the script according to your site i have highlighted the parts where you have to change the values. Also you are also able to edit the message that appears when the code is executed like i did.

if you have tested the code you can see that whenever a user attempt a right click,a message shows ups.

Remember as   i said it is a simple method , we can also override the command. As you can see if he message appears more than one time,there is an option from which we can disable the code for next refresh.
So, it's just a temporary protection for your site and take it that way.

hope you enjoyed.

 cheers ! :)


Tuesday, 28 August 2012

How to create a menu in batch file

Today we can involve in some batch coding.Batch files are simple programs that are executed by CMD.

Batch file is simple and light compared to other programming languages.But remember it is not as powerful as those! But! batch files are able to carry programs that can Shut your PC,or to control others system and execute Viruses! .So, we can't call it less powerful either.!

It is quite easy to use.Basic coding doesn't need much experience but there are lot's of complex programs as i said.It does requires some knowledge and skill.

In this post we are dealing with a basic program.

The main thing is you just need to know the basic commands used in batch that could be easily studied without much effort.

So now let's come to our title...this is a simple way of creating a menu in batch.

This batch can be used to open various files in your computer.

Copy down the code in notepad and save it as .bat.Bat is the extension we us to save batch files.we can also save batch files using one more extension - .cmd.

This is a sample code.

@echo off
color 0a
echo Windows Menu
echo ************
echo 1. Notepad
echo 2. Calculator
echo 3. Paint
echo 4. Task manager
echo 5. Exit
echo ****************               *** Futurebrain ***
set /p brain=
if %brain%== 1 start notepad.exe
if %brain%== 2 start calc.exe
if %brain%== 3 start mspaint.exe
if %brain%== 4 start taskmgr.exe
if %brain%== 5 goto 3
echo Thank you for using              
echo                                *** Futurebrain ***

This is how the program works.The above programs are just examples.You can execute any programs using this method.Just use the link of the program and copy down it.

1. set /p  -  The /P switch allows you to set a variable equal to a line of input entered
                  by the user.
                  The Prompt string is displayed before the user input is read.
                  As I  wrote above  set /p brain=  is used as prompt string
                  we have set  BRAIN as the prompt code and any value given to Brain is 
                  if %brain%==  command is used for assigning value to set /p brain.

2.Echo -  echo command determines what is shown on the screen.It can be used to show
               anything on the screen and also to show nothing! For example,

               echo This is an example  >>this gets displayed on the screen.
               echo.                                 >> this is used as a line break code.

So a single code can be used for multiple purpose.

As i already said,This post is just an example on creating a batch file.This is NOT the only way to create a menu in batch.There are a various other ways to create a menu.This post was only meant to make you understand how these basic codes work within the program.So , just don't copy the code alone,try to understand and use your own methods to create awesome files using Batch.! Its quite interesting to work with these kind of programs.

Hope you enjoyed this post.!


Thursday, 1 January 1970

Privacy Policy

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