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AMD vs Intel - a brief comparison

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Intel is the largest supplier of  x86 architecture microprocessors right now.!

AMD is the second largest x86 microprocessor supplier after Intel and one of the largest supplier of GPU around the world.
AMD is the only rival to Intel in the CPU market.It is an amazing company that also has a GPU unit named as ATI that is one of the leading competitor worldwide along with its powerful rival NVIDIA.

It is very difficult choosing the best b/w these two amazing processors.

Both processors served well during these days and choosing the best among these two is difficult.



AMD currently uses the Piledriver microarchitecture. Piledriver is developed by AMD as the successor to Bulldozer.

Features of Piledriver

Clock rates are higher.

IPC improved.
Power consumption and temperature is less.
Turbo Core 3.
Faster IMC.
Hardware divider fixed.
Branch prediction and prefetching improved.
Improved FPU and integer scheduling.
Support for AVX,FMA3,F16C,Bit Manipulation and Trailing Bit Manipulation.
Larger L1 Translation Lookaside Buffers and L2 efficiency improvements.

Socket AM3+                   
Socket FM2                                                
Socket FP2                                                 Successor >> Steamroller


Haswell is the codename for a processor microarchitecture developed by Intel as the successor to the Ivy Bridge architecture.

Features of Haswell

About 8% better vector processing.
6% faster single and multi-threaded performance.
8% more power drawing under load.
15 °C hotter than Ivy.
6% increase in CPU performance
About 20% performance increase over the HD4000 integrated GPU.

LGA 1150
rPGA 947
BGA-1364                                                  Successor >> Broadwell (tick),Skylake (tock)


For light multitasking, AMD performs extremely well and for heavy loads AMD lags behind as the single core performance is very low whereas,Intel is well equipped for extreme multitasking loads.It doesn't mean that AMD is not capable of multitasking.AMD on the other side,is also capable of heavy,extreme multitasking.But as compared to Intel,it lags a bit.But along with that if we look at those prices then definitely i would vote for AMD.So, as i said both are capable of performing well according to their price range.


For gaming a max. no. of 4 cores is enough but looking to the benchmarks it is proved that at almost every areas,Intel was a clear winner. If you want an mid range machine for gaming,go for an i5.That would be enough for almost every games till now.

Considering Budget

If you have a high budget then i would prefer choosing Intel because there are a lot of various Intel 
processors out there that served their best.

Intel processors are good for extreme multitasking as the single core performance is very high for Intel compared to AMD.

If we look at Price to Performance, AMD is the better option.Because they give better performance at a very low price compared to Intel processors that demand high price.

Both processors are amazing according to their prices

So,as conclusion,

High budget along with High performance                 --  Go for High end Intel.
Tight budget along with Amazing performance          --  AMD would be my choice !


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