Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Essentials to be considered before applying for an adsense account

Adsense account approval might look easy for most but it never was or will be.There are certain basic factors that Google have underlined for the approval of a website or blog.So these have to be maintained in order to have an account approved and might prevent you from getting frustrated time to time getting rejected.

So as i said there are some factors google set that are to be noted before applying for an account but there are also some other factors that most people think as unimportant for the process.So let us go through those.

Webpage design
It must be well designed with minimum layouts and good color. It should be attractive enough so that visitors get a good first impression of your site and chances that they might visit again is high in those cases. It must be aesthetically pleasing so try to be more compact and neat.It should also have less loading time and should be well equipped for mobile view.

Webpage content type
Most people will not have much idea while starting a blog they just start it and think of the content afterwards.This make them confused of the type of posts they use in the blog.They most usually try random posts that are unrelated but it has been found out that the pages with similar content will have a higher chance of getting approved than a site with unrelated one. So try to be focused on a single topic for a blog such as technology,travel,food etc. rather than mixing everything in one.

Privacy policy and Sitemap
Your website must have a privacy policy and a sitemap according to the google's conditions and site without them will mostly get rejected.Your site should also have an about us and a contact us page.
The privacy policy and sitemap can be esaily generated with the help of various privacy policy and sitemap generators available all over the internet.

Use supported languages
Your site might be well written but make sure it is supported by the adsense publishers before applying.Most of the popular languages are supported for adsense but some languages might not be.Why take risks? Check out the supported languages here.

and last but not the least..

Quality content and copyrighted material
Make sure you avoid one and accept the other. It does not matter how many post you write if it does not have a good content it's of no use.So make sure it's well written,up to mark and justifies the heading.Keep it short and strong.

 And many new bloggers do this thing of copying content from other blogs and pretend nothing's gonna happen but never do this ! even a single line of copyrighted content can harm your page.So avoid those and write yourself.

So make sure keep these simple things in mind,you can definitely get the adsense account within your reach.

Cheers !


  1. Tried to get approved a lot but rejected.. Got to try this..

    1. Yeah,just try to add more content. Hope you get approved fast


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