Sunday, 11 December 2016

How to get an Adsense account approved fast

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It's a part of every successful blog out there. It's a source of main income for many famous bloggers out there.

So every new blogger out there thinks - today i'm gonna make some money and apply instantly after making a website.

This is a common mistake every new people make during the start of their project. So,they are so eager to apply even before they have a decent website.This is one of those misconceptions people have about adsense -You can earn just after you made a site.

But the thing is you should not apply for an adsense acccount unless you have a healthy account with decent enough views because even if you got approved you are not gonna make any money.

The money comes only if you have good views i mean thousands of views per day or such will only earn you the money you think of.

But the main thing is do you have an approved adsense account? No. Most of them won't have an account during the start because of the many mistakes they make,google instantly rejects it.
Even i got disapproved many times.

I have explained the basic things to be considered before applying for an adsense account in my previous post.

Essential things to be considered before applying for an adsense account.

So the thing is even if you clear the so called  problems in your site it still takes time for an approval process by google or in some case you might not get approved by some means.

This is unexplained in many ways because so many of my friends having very good sites have problems of approval but i have seen very poorly designed websites with low quality content have a working adsense ads.

But the easiest way i got approved of my account is not by any websites. The way i got my account approved is by Youtube. Yes,Youtube monetization is the best way to get an adsense account approved within limited time compared to blogs or websites.

Since it is a youtube channel it does not require much content and even if you have only one video (not a copyrighted content) with decent enough views you can easily get it approved within a day or two.

I got it approved in a day which i was try for months in a blogspot account and failed countless times. So in my experience i think that this is the best way to get the account approved if you have difficulty writing up quality contents for your blogs and get approved that way.

Or if you are a good content writer you can proceed with that way but it need much effort than the one i have mentioned.

So those who are desperately trying to get an account approved should try out this method. You will get a working adsense account for sure.

Cheers !


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