Friday, 19 May 2017

How to use Whatsapp as a private storage system

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We all know the importance of whatsapp in our daily lives.It has become an inevitable part of the modern generation for keeping in touch with the families and friends.Most people around the world uses it at least once daily.

So is it only a messaging app or can it be used for something more than that?

Well, a simple trick exists in the system that allows us to make it a convenient method for storing useful messages or data in it and can be accessed only by us whenever needed.

Its actually done by a little tweak in the existing system of whatsapp groups.

# At first you need to create a whatsapp group with any of your contacts
Group created

# Then remove that existing contact you just added
Removing the contact

That's all ! your private group has been created.

Now you can transfer any of the important files or messages you just need for later purpose to the newly created group as you are the only recipient of the messages.
Saving the files

The advantage is that it can be easily accessible any time and any messages from the whatsapp groups or chats can be immediately forwarded or transferred to the group without any hassle.

Only backside is,you might be unable prioritize the messages and you cannot access it with ease. because you can only access it date wise, ie the files you added the last is accessible first just like a real whatapp group messaging.

But put away the disadvantages,consider it a simple method and  try it out and it might actually be useful for you.

From my personal experience it is a very good method to store simple messages or files that does not have much priority or security needed which you might want to check once in a while etc..

So just check it out.

Cheers !

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